Saturday, June 2, 2012

Into the Heart

“How can we not create a fantasy 
in our minds when the reality is so hard? 
~ Lisa See, “Peony in Love”

By Divine Ms. Moon
A friend of mine posted elsewhere today about a 70-year-old woman who claims to be a virgin, and who has waited all this time for the right man. Well, really, who hasn’t? But anyway, the woman claims that she is now ready for love.

I don’t know what that thought does for you, but it made me think of this poem by an anonymous Chinese author from the Ming Dynasty –
All night long, clouds pile up and wild showers fall,
the intent lovers numb to time as night passes.
As dew drips into the heart of her peony
her joints all melt and she cannot move.
Such heavy love, heavy love,
she falls into the Kingdom of Dreams!
By Divine Ms. Moon
*The term "Kingdom of Dreams" is said to refer to a mythical land called Hua Xu that the "Great Yellow Emperor" dreamed of visiting, where people lived "naturally and full of joy." In other words, a sort of Shangri-La. (T. Barnstone and C. Ping, trans. and ed., Chinese Erotic Poems (Everyman's 2007)).



  1. I ran across that story about the 70 year old virgin. Seems she's a cabaret singer who has appeared with Tom Jones and others over the course of her career. And if he never got anywhere in his prime, wonder exactly whom she is looking for?

  2. LoL -- From the way this is being publicized, I'm sure we'll all be the first to know.